Human Grade

Every one of our dog supplements is produced to the highest human standards - not pet standards.

Citrus Bioflavanoid
from Sweet Orange

from Turmeric

from Ginger

from Milk Thistle

Spirulina Pacifica
from Hawaiian Waters

Quality Matters

There are over a dozen different ingredients used in our formulations, and each one must pass muster before making the cut. Here are the four steps we take before using any ingredient:


We only use human-grade raw ingredients. The majority originate in the USA, but a few come from non-Western traditions and are not yet available in the States.


All ingredients are purchased from trusted, ethical sources that have a proven track record for quality, safety, and purity.


Certificate of Analysis for every batch of raw ingredients. Batches that contain fillers, contaminants, or have any safety or purity issues are immediately rejected.


Each batch is tested to ensure that what goes in our product is exactly what we intend it to be.

Human-Grade Because Dogs Are People, Too!

Every supplement manufacturer wants to make a safe product, but not every manufacturer takes all the steps they need to ensure that the job is done right.

At Functional Nutriments, we make all our nutraceuticals to human standards, which are rigorous, especially when compared to pet supplement standards. This commitment to quality and safety results in superior products.

Every product in our pet line has been thoughtfully formulated with premium ingredients, safety-tested, and packaged to remain shelf-stable for two years. (Up to three years really, but we label for two years for your peace of mind.)

Human-Grade Because Dogs Are People, Too!

While every supplement manufacturer aims for safety, not all go the extra mile to guarantee a job well done. At Functional Nutriments, we hold ourselves to the same rigorous standards as human nutraceuticals, setting us apart from typical pet supplement campanies. This unwavering commitment to quality and safety translates into exceptional products.

Our nutraceuticals are meticulously crafted, starting with the selection of premium ingredients. Each product undergoes thorough safety testing and packaged for a shelf life of up to three years. Though, we label for two years for your peace of mind.

At Functional Nutriments, we believe in going above and beyond. Our dedication to crafting safe, superior dog supplements is evident in every step of our process. From formulation to packaging, we prioritize excellence, delivering products that you can trust for the well-being of your pup.

Small Batches, Fresh Product

In our commitment to deliver the freshest and highest quality products, we take a unique approach. We meticulously craft our formulas in small batches, using ingredients that are sourced and ordered as needed. This ensures that no raw materials linger on our shelves, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness in every scoop and capsule.

While this method may impact our bottom line, as purchasing in smaller quantities often comes at a higher cost compared to bulk buying, we stand by our decision. Some of the raw ingredients we utilize are readily available, but many others are more challenging to obtain. Nonetheless, we believe that this extra effort is a small price to pay for the assurance that you are receiving nothing short of the best.